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  • Another Layer Of Deceit In The $13B Mortgage Settlement With JPMC

    While investigating the suspect activities of JPMC, Emily Glazer, journalist for the “Wall Street Journal” uncovered another layer of deceptive fraud implicating the monitor, Joseph A Smith. Smith was incharge of overseeing consumer relief in the $13B settlement with JPMC. He was also the monitor of the National Mortgage Settlement. With the obligation to make […]

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July 12, 1999

This is a comprehensive history documenting the events that caused the 2008 Financial Crisis through news articles, documents, and public pronouncements. We hope this resource page will assist fraud investigators and activists in understanding the larger context of the battle we are waging to bring truth and shed light on…

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New York v Bear Sterns – Index 451556

July 10, 2013

First American Bank v Schneider-Florida 4th District Court of Appeals 4D17-2239

October 29, 2018

First American Bank v Schneider Florida District Courts of Appeal Docket 4D17-2239 as of Oct. 24, 2019 First American Bank v Schneider 4th Circuit Def.’s Notice of Appeal (pro se), July 17, 2017 First American Bank v Schneider 4th Circuit Stay Pending Appeal (pro se), August 7, 2017 First American…

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State of Florida v Lender Processing Services & Doc X 13-001512 FL’s Hillsborough County Thirteenth District

February 9, 2020

On January 29, 2013, the Attorney General for he State of Florida entered into a Consent Final judgement with Lender Processing Services, LPS Default Solutions, Inc. and DOCX, LLC. As a condition of the Consent Final Judgement, LPS was required to pay restitution to harmed States, totalling¬† $113,623,678 The Consent…

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Senator Kamala Harris – California (Former Attorney General-State of Florida)

February 13, 2030

In an email from Kamala Harris, California Attorney General, sent by Benjamin Diehl, cc. Katherine Porter, California Monitor, Joseph A. Smith, Monitor Dear Ms. Mudick: To follow up on Chase’s recent call with the Monitoring Committee, I am writing to request information regarding Chase’s practices with respect to second liens…

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