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Announcement Date: July 12, 1999

This is a comprehensive history documenting the events that caused the 2008 Financial Crisis through news articles, documents, and public pronouncements. We hope this resource page will assist fraud investigators and activists in understanding the larger context of the battle we are waging to bring truth and shed light on those who are gutting average Americans through back room deals and fraudulent settlements.

1/25/2008 House Of Cards: The Mortgage Mess
3/17/2008 J.P. Morgan Buys Bear in Fire Sale, As Fed Widens Credit to Avert Crisis
1/13/2009 Wider Role Urged for Housing Choice
4/14/2010 Barney Frank Lets Angry Mob Loose on Jami Dimon’s Man – “Come to me”
4/22/2010 Remarks by the President on Wall Street Reform
5/1/2010 Why Mortgage Fraud Matters- Benjamia B. Wagner
2/24/2011 Don’t Believe Everything You Read: The Real Skinny on Servicer Settlement Talks
3/4/2011 Ties to Insurers Could Land Mortgage Servicers in More Trouble
3/4/2011 Behind the foreclosure crisis, big banks’ reign of error
3/7/2011 Cheat Sheet: How the State AGs Want to Revamp Mortgage Servicing
3/8/2011 The Proposed Servicing Settlement, Through Servicers’ Eyes
3/9/2011 Shelby Joins Fray Against Servicer Settlement
3/16/2011 Servicer Settlement Under Fire as Some State AGs Turn Against It
3/28/2011 Banks Draft Settlement Agreement-Settlement Purposes Only
3/29/2011 Shelby Letter to Geitner
3/31/2011 Draft Cease and Desist Orders
3/31/2011 Regulators Ready Enforcement Orders Against Servicers as State AG Talks Stall
4/13/2011 Regulators Force Mortgage Servicers to Upgrade Systems, Establish Single Point of Contact
5/10/2011 State AGs Offer New Settlement Terms to Mortgage Servicers
6/1/2011 “We’re in the foreclosure business, not the modification business.”
6/14/2011 PR Disaster David Lowman Just Got Fired
8/21/2011 Attorney General of N.Y. Is Said to Face Pressure on Bank Foreclosure Deal
8/24/2011 Opposition growing to Tom Miller’s sweetheart deal for banks
10/1/2011 Banks, Administration Pressure AGs on Foreclosure Settlement
1/24/2012 Deal Gets Closer on Foreclosures
2/9/2012 Why Millions Won’t Get Help From Big Mortgage Settlement
5/7/2012 JPMorgan Chase Whistleblower: ‘Essentially Suicide’
3/26/2013 The Men Who Crashed the World – Meltdown Part 1
The Men Who Crashed the World – Meltdown Part 2
The Men Who Crashed the World – Meltdown Part 3
The Men Who Crashed the World – Meltdown Part 4
3/27/2013 National Consumer Law Center Letter To Monitor
4/11/2013 Jamie Dimon’s Five Stages Of Grief
6/1/2013 Understanding the National Mortgage Settlement — National Consumer Law Center
9/12/2013 Embattled J.P. Morgan Bulks Up Oversight
9/17/2013 Dimon Vows to Fix JPMorgan’s Compliance Problems
9/24/2013 JPMorgan, Justice Department in talks to resolve multiple cases
11/23/2013 Global Financial Meltdown Documentary
10/18/2013 JPMC, US Housing Agency Reach $4B Deal: Report
11/19/2013 JP Morgan Chase, United States Settle for $13 Billion
11/21/2013 Revolving Door Sham: JPMorgan CFO Admits $7 Billion of DOJ Settlement is Tax-Deductible
11/22/2013 JPMorgan’s top lawyer fires back at regulators
11/26/2013 JPMorgan Pressured to Reveal $13 Billion Accord Complaint
4/1/2014 Chain Of Title – David Dayden
7/21/2014 DOJ Trains AUSAs to Chase Mice While Lions Roam the Campsite
7/21/2014 Dimon’s Threat to Quit FHA Seen as Pressure Move on Rules
7/25/2014 Big Bank Financial Settlements: Get out of Jail Free Cards?
7/27/2014 Jamie Dimon $37M Pay Increase
8/13/2014 Jamie Dimon’s $13 Billion Secret
10/5/2014 Global Financial Crisis: Documentary on Why the World Faces Financial Meltdown
11/21/2014 New York Fed Is Criticized on Oversight
12/12/2014 A Modest Proposal: Prosecute JPMorgan Under RICO
12/29/2014 MRS v JPMC Case Mentioned in Courthouse News Service
1/10/2015 A crack in the vault
2/17/2015 Holder Sets Deadline for Financial-Crisis Cases Against Individuals
12/11/2015 He Was a JPMorgan Chase Whistle-Blower, Then Came the Blowback
3/14/2016 J.P. Morgan Readies Mortgage-Backed Deal
4/7/2016 J.P. Morgan: We’re Too Big Not to Succeed