Fraud Investigation Bureau

Fraud Investigation Bureau (FIB) is a platform dedicated to exposing the numerous frauds committed by our nation’s most trusted financial institutions and reveal the truth about how whistleblowers are not only unprotected but retaliated upon when they bring the truth to light.

FIB was developed by a retaliated-upon whistleblower who has been embroiled in a grueling 10-year legal battle, fighting to bring justice on behalf of himself, his family and thousands of other homeowners who have been discriminated against by these corrupt financial institutions and denied justice by the Justice System.

This website describes the story of how Laurence Schneider and his family have been screwed over by the courts (15th Circuit, FL Court of Appeals, U.S.D.C. for the Southern District of Florida, U.S. Supreme Court and U.S.D.C for the District of Columbia) harassed by JPMorgan Chase, First American Bank, and oppressed by the Department of Justice,  and various government officials from the past presidential administration.

It is time to make these institutions accountable for having caused America’s middle and lower classes to be devastated by lower wages, predatory lending, and false compliance with laws aimed at protecting them. We will not stop until we root out this fraud and make the public aware of the true story that has been buried.  We ask you to join our effort.